Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Global Juice Feast Day 82!

Juice Feast Day 82

The Daily Juice Journal:

This morning I made 3.5 quarts of GVJ with cucumber, celery, spinach, romaine, dandelion greens, kale, parsley, baby tumble weed, carrot and apple. I also made 1 quart of orange and pineapple and 1 quart of grapefruit garlic.


Added to juices: Vitamineral Green, kelp, bee pollen and maca.

Also taken: Vitalzym, nettle tea, antioxidant extreme, Max Stress B, Internal Parasite Formula and water.

Personal Journal:

Hello Dear Friends!

WOW!! 82 Days on juice!!! I actually lost count while I have been away from blogging, and had to check in with Penni to see what day we are on! It has become such second nature at this point, making juice, drinking juice, juice, juice, juice!!

I am feeling fantastic (and so is David with lots of green smoothies) and strong, so excited about the next 10 days of juice and beyond….yes, I am looking forward to eating at this point. Very, very excited about it in fact.

David and I have had a magical week with my mom. She flew home yesterday, leaving us all in tears, and looking forward to when we will all live within driving/walking/biking distance from each other.

OK, here is a LOOOOONG entry on the past week of traveling juicyness.

We started out on Wednesday morning with two giant coolers full of produce, one little cooler full of juice, and a Rubbermaid full of juicing gear. My mom and I became the official juicers for the week, and we made a great team while David enjoyed a week of not making juice (and with all the juice making he has done over the years, including making juice for 4 people for 90 Days every morning by himself, I think he was happy to allow us to do so)

First we drove to the red rock oasis of Sedona, where we went on a stunning late afternoon hike on a trail that winds off of Schnebelley Hill road into the embrace of the iron rich red walls under the superman blue skies. Spring flowers were everywhere, and even the spiny, alien shapes of the desert cactus where pushing forth lush blossoms.

David and Katrina in Sedona
Katrina and Rineke in Sedona

We spent the night in an earth brown adobe style building that looks just all the other earthy building in that beautiful town, and woke up to MAKE JUICE!!

Rineke and Katrina making juice in Sedona
Hotel room juice making!

On the way out of Sedona, we stopped at Slide Rock State Park for a stroll up Oak Creek. I even went for a Day 76 chilly dip in the crystal clear water, leaving me feeling like a brand new being, refreshed, invigorated, so CLEAN and ALIVE!

David by Oak Creek, Sedona, AZ

Katrina and Rineke pause by the creek
Rineke and Katrina in the creek

David and Katrina and Humphry's Peak, the tallest point in Arizona

From Oak Creek it was a beautiful, meandering drive towards one of the most well visited places in the world (and rightly so) My mom began to cry upon her first glimpse of the Grand Canyon, and my breath was taken away yet again. Every time I see it, it is the same thrill that words cannot describe. Nature really is the grandest artist, her masterpieces taking us beyond time into the deep and beautiful experience of creation. We spent he rest of the afternoon wandering the rim, standing and drinking it in, gasping, and full of wonder.

Us at our first view point of the Grand Canyon

The next day my mom and I went on a mother/daughter hike, and we packed our packs with two quarts of water and two quarts of juice each and headed down the steep decent of the South Kaibab Trail. This was our practice Juice Feasting hike, and we hiked an hour down, first to Ohh-ah point, and then on to Cedar Point. Cedar point is a big red platform that juts out into the canyon like a giant arrow head, and when you are sitting on the tip you are looking directly across at another giant butte of red Supai Sandstone, looking like so many other formations in the canyon to be sacred temple ruins from a civilization long ago. I guess they are in a way, a vast canyon filled with temples to the majesty of time. We drank a juice while sitting on the point, watching time flow by, trying to imagine what time was like for the rocks on which we sat.
Katrina on Cedar Point

Rineke on Cedar Point

Me drinking my GVJ in the Grand Canyon

It took mom and I the same amount of time to zig-zag up the steep switch back riddled trail to the rim as it took us to get down to Cedar Point. We were happily surprised, and drank our second juice sitting on the rim before we headed back to the truck for more juice.

The next morning, Saturday, was warm and sunny, the warmest day yet, and we made our juice and headed off to hike down the Bright Angle Trail to Indian Gardens...perhaps as the canyons first ever Juice Feasting hikers. The 4.5 miles down were of course the easy part, and we fully enjoyed reaching the oasis of Indian Gardens where we drank our juice in the shade of the giant cottonwoods where the Havasupai Indians once grew their crops.

Cactus flower at Indian Gardens
Feeling that 100 degrees on the way back up!

David and I did the Bright Angel Trail in November, and we went all the way down to the river and back, despite warnings the whole way down “Do Not Attempt to Hike from the Rim to the River and Back in One Day!” The memory of the last 3 miles was making me a little wary of doing this hike on juice, as it is very step and hot, yet we found ourselves flying past people the whole way up! In fact, I found that hiking and juice is an amazing combination for me. There is no food to digest, and your energy source is hydrating and full of goodness. For the seven hour, 9 mile, 100 degree hike we each drank 3 quarts of juice. We also brought some sea salt because excessive sweating leads to sodium loss, and I munched on bee pollen. We arrived back at the rim feeling very happy, AND WE DID IT ON JUICE!!

We had more juice stashed in the truck which we gladly drank down, and then went to find ourselves a perch on the rim and sat to watch the unfolding of sunset for several hours until the sun finally melted down into the horizon after a dreamy display of shifting light, colors, and shapes in the canyon.The streaming sun light before sunset
After sunset

By the time we got back to our hotel and made some coconut water with spirulina, I had had 8 quarts of juice! A hiking girl does need her juice.

We spent Sunday morning viewing the canyon from the East rim, where views of the snaking river are much more frequent, and then said our goodbyes to the canyon.
A glimpse of the river

We arrived home that night, mom and I limping from the post-hike calf stiffness, happy as can be.

I am now a true believer in the power of juice not to just be used as a tool to transform illness, but also as an amazing source of nourishment for an already healthy body. I HIKED on juice, after close to 80 days on juice, and even after water fasting for 3 days, in 100 degree heat and up and down a 3,060 foot elevation (STEEP) I am impressed!!! And my mom did it too, at the age of 57, on juice, and kept up with her 30 year old daughter!! So in case you haven’t figured it out yet, juice rocks. We are thinking from now on we will always bring a quart or two of fresh juice along with us on hikes.

Enjoy your juice!!

With love,
Katrina and David


MARYYX said...

Glorious pictures, Katrina - and what a marvelous testament to the nourishment afforded by juice! Glad you and your Mom and David could have this time together.


Tuliza said...

I love the photos. It looks like all of you had a great time. It's so nice that your mom is still juicing. Thank you for showing us that you can travel and still juice. I haven't been blogging much myself these days.
I need to give an update on my JF adventures.

Linda Salas said...

wow! I missed yor blog *pout*, I´m glad you guys had all that fun, I can´t wait for it to be september and be in Sedona again and see all that beauty and hug you guys a huge thank-you. I totally get that excitement about eating again... but one day at a time, one day at a time. Day 83 already... I wonder if chewing will be wierd... hahaha.
Glad you are back, your mom looks amazing!

Lisa, aka Pixywinks said...

Thanks for sharing the beautiful pics!
Pixy Lisa