Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Global Juice Feast Day 74!

Me and my mom making juice.

Day 74 for me, Day 16 for Mom!

Another short one today. I have great respect for those of you who have been doing such beautiful blogs every day, and those of you who have done a Juice Feast and blogged EVERY DAY!!

I am going to be a lazy blogger while my mom is here though, so that I can spend the time with her instead of on the internet. Please bear with me! She arrived yesterday with a big smile after a 9 hour trip on airplanes. She began Juice Feasting on April 28th, so she water fasted while flying to keep things simple, and had a good experience doing that. We met her at the airport with fresh juice, and then went to stock up on enough produce for three juicy people!! And we thought juicing for two was a lot of produce....

Today we went on the tour of the Tree of Life, where David and I met, and showed mom the cafe, the temple, the labarinth, the garden, the dorm, and went on a beautiful walk on the windy, grassy mesa. Tomorrow we are going to drive up to Sedona, and then after a day there off we go to the Grand Canyon! I am so excited, I love it there! We will be home on Saturday or Sunday so I will be sure to report then how our juicy trip unfolds.

LOVE!!! to you all!!!

Katrina, David, and ma Rineke.

ps. Mom and I have each had 4.5 quarts of juice today, David had 3 quarts and a bowl of strawberries and 2 papayas.


Lisa, aka Pixywinks said...

Have fun with your mom! I want to go to the Grand Canyon so bad!!! I've never been to Arizona.
Pixy Lisa

Penni said...

Your mother is so young and beautiful! You all have the same big, pretty smile. Have a marvelous time together..."see" you soon!


Birch Center said...

You and your mom look great in that picture! I know this sounds cliche...but I really thought she was your sister when I saw the picture!
Have fun at the Grand Canyon.
~ Melissa