Thursday, April 3, 2008

Global Juice Feast Day 34!

I Love Making Juice!!
Juice In The Making.
All Finished!

Juice Feast Day 34

The Daily Juice Journal:

This morning we got up and made six quarts of GVJ with cilantro, cucumber, celery, romaine, red leaf lettuce, green leaf lettuce, spinach, carrot, apple, ginger, and yam. We also made four quarts of orange and pineapple, and one quart of watermelon and lemon.





3 QUARTS GVJ, 2.5 QUARTS FRUIT, and the water from one coconut!!.

TOTAL JUICE: 5.5 QUARTS plus coconut water.

Added to juices: MSM, bee pollen, Vitamineral Green, Hemp Oil, Flax/DHA oil, spirulina, and Kelp Granules.

Also taken: NCD, Vitalzym, MSM, Antioxidant Extreme, Ginger, lemon and honey tea, and water.

Rainoshek’s (sometimes daily) Tips:

Remember that your skin eats too!!

Have you begun to notice that your skin is AMAZING!!?? You are feeding it very well from the inside, and it is important to feed it well from the outside as well. I have heard it said that you should not put anything on your skin that you would not also put in your mouth. I agree.

My favorite skin foods are coconut oil (very useful in the dry, desert air) aloe vera, and MSM cream. I don’t use them every day, and will only use them one at a time depending on what the moment calls for. Pre-sunbathing or post shower I really LOVE coconut oil. If I notice my hands or feet look a little chapped, I will use MSM cream. If my face is a little blemished, it is aloe vera all the way baby! I put it on at night before bed, and in the morning almost always the blemish is greatly diminished. I don’t use anything on my face accept aloe before bed time. My makeup is the kisses from the sunshine and life from the greens!

That’s it! What do you use?

Personal Journal:

We were "tagged" a while back by both Terilynn and Courtney. Does that mean we have to share 10 things? (being "tagged" means you have to share five things about yourself that may not be known by your readers) I don’t think so, I think five is good. So, five things you may not know about me are:
(we’ll see if we can get David to add five things too, but he is awfully busy. Just keep watching the videos, you’ll learn all about him!)

1. I was a skilled Tom Boy for several years from around 8-10. I wanted to be a boy SO badly, one of my favorite role models was the Tom Boy in the movie My Life As A Dog who bandaged her boobs up to prolong her years as a Tom Boy. I also felt very strongly that I had been Charles Ingles, Laura Ingles from Little House On the Prairie’s dad, in a past life. I felt like boys and men could be so much more adventurous and strong, they climbed trees, slept in the woods, climbed mountains, rode horses, built houses, hunted for their families, and swam in rivers. Girls stayed at home sewing……funny that I ended up loving to stay home sewing! I learned that this wasn’t true and that I could be just as adventurous as a girl, but I had fun pretending to be a boy. I used to carefully tuck all of my long hair up into my granddad’s old golf hat and the biggest complement I got in this phase was when the fish man handed me a fish my mom had just bought at the market and said “Here you go son!” I was thrilled.

2. I have lived in 30 places in 30 years (I will be 30 this month!) This includes different houses, cabins, tents, and boats in Ottawa, Victoria, Salt Spring Island, Vancouver, Oweekeno, Lasqueti Island, Guatemala, The Sonja (a beautiful wooden sailboat), Montreal, Sooke, and now Arizona. This is only counting those places where I hung my bags for longer than six months. As a child I did not like moving, and created all kinds of trauma around it, leading to WANTING to move around a lot as an adult. I think that because I felt so out of control when I moved as a child, I felt like I needed to get good at it, I had to practice moving until I felt at peace with it, so that is what I have done! I now love moving, and feel that it has been a great gift in my life to have lived in so many different spaces and places. My greatest lesson it this has truly been to create home where ever I am, and that home is deeply where the heart is!

3. One of my greatest joys is to set sail! When I was 17 I set sail on a 9 month trip on the wooden schooner, The Sonja, with my dad and my sister Heather. We cruised down the West Coast of the US, spending a good long time in San Francisco Bay area. I dyed my hair purple while we were on a dock in Sausalito, and felt totally at home there. At this point we were all trying to make some income while we traveled and so I sewed hats (by hand!) and tried busking on the street with my flute, my dad painted watercolors in the park, and my sister busked with her violin. My dad made a lot of money selling paintings of boats to tourists, my sister too got coins dropped into her violin case, but no one wanted funny, hand made hats or to hear a wooden flute. I was not the bread-winner in this story!! We did not end up carrying on with this money experiment, but it was fun while it lasted.

We also spent a nice long time cruising down the empty, white sand beach laden coast of Baja, and then up into the Sea of Cortez, bibbling about among chocolate brown islands, swimming with sealions, writing in journals, playing music, exploring, SAILING! Then it was across to mainland Mexico where we further explored for a time, and then we set sail across the great wide South Pacific towards the pearl necklace of South Pacific Islands, starting with the Marquesian group. I turned 18 in the middle of the electric blue ocean, so warm you could sit naked out under the stars even on the night watch, and on my birthday an iridescent blue Mahi Mahi fish swam next to boat all day long. We tried to catch it for dinner for about five minutes when we realized it was too beautiful to eat and that we would rather watch it swim along side the boat. The islands were a dream, and I really could go on and on about this trip, but I’ll save that for a book. I flew home to B.C. from an airport in Tahiti, thinking I needed to get serious about life and finish high school. I lived with my grandmother and finished high school (grades 11 and 12) in 6 months of self paced education, and realized that all I really wanted to do was get back on a boat. I am still dreaming of the day when that will happen!

4. Before I moved to Arizona, I had a clothing design/sew business called Johnny Now Joe. Everything was made from recycled materials, and was re-cycled, re-cut, re-loved, and re-ally happy! I would go to Vancouver with my pick-up truck, and visit a second hand clothing warehouse where I would hand pick up to 400 lbs of tee shirts! When I first went to the warehouse, I realized instantly that I should never, ever buy new clothes again! There is enough out there to last a very long time. This place was massive, and contained MOUNTAINS of used clothing, all being sorted into different categories (tee shirts, jeans, leather jackets, velvet jackets, silk saris, baby clothes, scarfs, dress shirts, skirts, etc.) to then be sent to Africa and Asia, where they are re-sold. I learned that thrift stores such as Salvation Army don’t make their money from re-selling used goods in their store fronts, but from selling their donated stuff by the pound to warehouses that then sort it and re-sell it by shipping it over seas. This in turn has caused much damage to the traditional textile arts and industries of the countries where this glut of used clothing is sent. There is simply too much stuff being bought and sold for prices that don’t reflect the true cost. I was quite sickened the first time I went there. You really can’t imagine the sheer mass of stuff until you see it for yourself. Most of it was in perfectly good condition, simply replaced by the years latest fashion, or no longer wanted by the owner.

So, I would pick through these mountains of tee shirts all day finding the fun stuff to take home and play with. I love textiles and sewing, and can't wait to get back into it! I still have about 300 lbs of tee shirts waiting to be transformed in storage, along with my four sewing machines.

Here are a few images from a photo shot that was done with early on Johnny Now Joe wear, my sisters, my friends Renee (who was pregnant with a beautiful baby girl!) and Bre, and Ariel took the shots!!

Such good taste in books!!

5.I have always been interested in health, healing, and the human body. When I was 9 I saved up for an “Invisible Woman” anatomy doll and both my mom and dad thought that I would become a doctor of some sort. I always used to choose the damaged toys over the nice ones, and when I was three I picked out a really messed up doll at a garage sale and named her Garlic. I must have somehow known the healing properties of the bulb, and I hope that dear Garlic enjoyed her days with me. I’m glad I got into raw foods and Juice Feasting instead of becoming a doctor!! I would much, much rather see people become responsible for their own health when possible than depend on a doctor, as useful as they can be at times.

There you have it! A few things about me that you may not have known. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them, rolling over sweet memories across the taste buds of my mind!!

I in turn would like to tag Mary, Chaya, and Bronwyn!

Have a beautiful evening!

With love,

Katrina and David


Kyle Ellen Nuse said...

WOW, Katrina, I want one of your tee-shirts! They are so fun, hip, stylish and completely unique! You are so beautifully talented in so many ways, and I feel honored that you shared them with all of us. Your life has been so rich and full for not even being 30 yet! And now with juice and greens it is only getting brighter and more vibrant!
So guess what?? I am back on the juice! Well, I have not being feeling good about the way in which I kind of haphazardly transitioned back into the solid food world and I want another chance to set things right. Nothing feels worse than having made it through the thick and thin of 30 days and then not stick the landing! So, I have decided to go back in time, juice for a least another three days to undo the past and then try again. Any suggestions other than the prunes to transition with. I can understand their function (all too well!) but they were too strong for me (gave me non-stop diarrhea and cramps) and also way too sweet (which I think totally through off my blood sugar and lead me to other bad choices). I had a little green energy soup which felt much better than the prunes, so I am wondering if that is an ok alternative in your expert opinions?
Practice makes perfect and in this case I think I need to get back on the juicing bandwagon and manifest a more graceful homecoming.
Thank you for all your insights, love and support!

Penni said...

I loving learning about your fascinating life, Katrina! And I can tell from the full length picture of you are looking so svelte and slender! And then seeing the beautiful pictures of your juicy, alive jars lined up makes me feel so happy to be on this journey along side you!

Wishing you and David a perfect weekend!

MARYYX said...

Oooh - I'm excited about being tagged! I've never been tagged before. This evening I will respond.

In the meantime, I wanted to thank you SO much for all of the info you have up on the internet. I've been a bit overwhelmed with all the info, and have not been able to keep up with the reading.

For now, at least until I get a different juicer, I am taking a step back from full on juice feasting - to a green smoothie feast, kicked up a notch by a nice quart of green juice to end the day. My husband is buying into that plan 100%, which is awesome. We truly are becoming raw seniors!

Have a super day