Saturday, April 12, 2008

Global Juice Feast Day 43!

I Love Carrots!
Juice Feast Day 43

The Daily Juice Journal:

This morning we made 5 quarts of GVJ with cucumber, celery, romaine, spinach, kale, cilantro, parsley, carrot, yam, and ginger. We also made four quarts of orange, lime and pineapple and two quarts of grapefruit garlic, and two quarts of watermelon lemon. Could you say “creatures of habit” again?







Added to juices: Spirulina, hemp oil, kelp granules, Pure Synergy, bee pollen, and maca

Also taken: Vitalzym, Break Stone Tea, coconut oil (oh wow, this stuff is GOOD. I got some new coconut oil in Tucson for my skin, that has been quite dry in the AZ sunshine, but I tasted it and it is deadly good, creamy and sweet. I am going to oil up my skin from the inside out I think ☺ The make is Nutiva. 1 TBS a day if you are taking coconut oil) and water.

Personal Journal:

We went right from meditation this morning into a Juice Feasting presentation in…. Michigan!! Oh the joys of technology. David set up his presentation on a wall of our bedroom, got on to Skype, and was transported across the airwaves to a Juice Feasting retreat at Ronora where he was then projected onto a wall where he gave his Juice Feasting presentation to 25 people! Amazing. It was a lot of fun for us to visit Michigan, and here are some wonderful comments we got back after the presentation:

Dear David and Katrina,

Thank you so much for joining us on our 2008 Women's Juice Feasting Retreat at Ronora. Here are some comments from the participants:

"Easy to follow, easy to take notes..."
"Lots of great info"
"...really appreciate the info for my daughter Hanna"
"...the highlight of our retreat!"
"Thrilled with the info for my daughter with shingles!"
" happy to hear the info that David has to share...."
"Thanks Katrina for your suggestions on emotional healing"
" For me it was such a beautiful compilation of research to highlight the issues that impact our health" (Mozell Lang Science consultant, Detroit, MI)
"...The studies on diabetes are powerful"
"he presented options for us to take control of our lives"
"I love his energy... and that David and Katrina are coming together to combine their knowledge..."

PS: The place was buzzing after your presentation...Our juice feasting retreat has been so enriched ...thank you for sharing with us. We are more than inspired by your example... our journey is made easier by your work.

David setting up for presenting.
Talking to a group of people in Michigan! Right from the bedroom!

Thanks you guys! We are going to see what we can do to film this presentation and get it up on line soon, it really is an awesome presentation for getting excited about life transformation, health, Juice Feasting and live foods.

In other exciting news, David and I were interviewed for a feature in this month Pear Magazine! Our friend Melissa was the interviewer and she lovingly got some good tidbits out of us. Follow this link for more information. I just checked this issue out, and it was a “finally!” for me as I have been meaning to check out Pear Magazine ever since it first came out…I was not disappointed. The Talifero family was a huge source of inspiration to me when I was first moving to transform my life and eat raw foods, and I continue to be re-inspired by them. We are all so amazingly blessed and lucky to have so many resources at our fingertips at this moment in time, and to have such an amazing on-line community of support with blogs and forums!! I love you all!! It is very, very exciting to me to see the spread of this knowledge, and to know it is just sitting there radiating like a flower ready to be appreciated by all those who are ready to find it and see it!!

Enjoy your day, may it be bright and shining!

With love,

Katrina and David

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jaye said...

Hi, I love your blog when you write it feels like your speaking to me in person. It is filled with fantastic energy that comes right through my computer and fills my home. Ilove it. I am still begining my raw journey. It has taken 1 year 4 months from reading about it. Doing the research and slowly applying. I am 3 months mostly raw. I see juice feasting in my future. My question is I just started making 2-3 quarts of GVJ first thing in the morning. I notice the taste changes also the color by days end. Is this normal? How much nutrition am I losing?Peace and love...