Saturday, April 19, 2008

Global Juice Feast Day 50!

I Love being 30 on Day 50!!
Juice Feast Day 50

The Daily Juice Journal:

This morning we made 6 quarts of GVJ with cucumber, celery, kale, spinach, romaine, parsley, dandelion greens, apples and carrots. We also made three quarts of orange and pineapple, and two of grapefruit garlic.







Added to juices: Pure Synergy, kelp and maca

Also taken: Vitalzym, burdock root and dandelion leaf tea, coconut oil, and water.

Personal Journal:

Hello Dear Friends!!

So sorry to have dropped the blogging ball, but it was just so lovely to go inward and be contemplative for a few days, writing only in my black book.

Here we are on Day 50!! And I am 30!!! I am so thrilled to be 30 I can’t even say. I feel that I have broken through a barrier, into a new and magnificent decade. My 20’s were wonderful, I had a lot of fun, and also a lot of angst and growing pains, and I feel I grew beautifully into my own skin, learning to love and respect this temple I have been given to inhabit, and I also learned and chose to step into the driver’s seat of my mind, this one was a BIG DEAL!! I know I will continue to work on both body and mind, ever spiraling upwards, but I now feel so much more drawn into the realm of soul and spirit, so much better prepared to dive fully into the development of awareness.

I had an amazing 30th birthday, one of the best birthdays of my life thus far, I literally floated on bliss all day. We started off the day by hitting 4th Street in Tucson for some of our new favorite “fairy drinks” which are little fairy sized bottles of Red Ginseng and Royal Jelly.
Fairy Drink for a snack.
Then it was down to the Epic CafĂ© for tea and some birthday Skype calls with Ma Rainoshek and then my dad, Ayrie. My dad, bless his heart, didn’t remember that it was my birthday, and so I had to remind him and he said “Oh man, see I guess that is what happens when you are Juice Feasting!”

After loading up on fresh juices, in addition to what we made and packed in the morning, we headed up Mt. Lemmon!! The base of the mountain begins with a forest of coyboy cacti, aka Saguaro, you know the kind that are in all the coyboy movies, looking like a strange gathering of aliens reaching their arms to the sky. Then it moves up in to the hoodoos, large, spirited stands of rock standing watch quietly and peacefully over the desert below. Up, up, the winding road, vistas left and right, to the forests of pines!! We stopped just below the pine forest for a ridge run walk. The wind was warm and blustery, the sky was brilliant blue, the wildflowers were everywhere in pink, purple, yellow, white, and corn blue, and we felt wonderful. After our walk, I had my favorite juice of orange and pineapple with green superfood, maca, and bee pollen and David sang Happy Birthday. The best birthday juice ever!! The Birthday walk with wildflowers, hooray!!
My Happy Birthday juice, orange, pineapple, green superfood, maca and bee pollen.
Oh so yummyayaa!
We found a place to pitch our tent higher up the mountain in Rose Canyon, on the pine needle carpeted floor beneath the whispering pines, beside a creek, under an almost full moon. Even our evening fire was perfect, warm, dancing, smoke free, and was bright enough for David to read me poetry by firelight. We went to sleep to the sound of the wind in the trees and the light of the moon on our eyelids.

Fireside birthday cuddle.
Kissed by fire!

In the morning, we went for a walk around Rose Canyon Lake, and then drove down the mountain a ways to go on another walk, this one the most breath taking of all, through the steep grassy plains of mid-mountain, again spotted with wildflowers and majestic hoodoos, the rare green tree spreading a bit of shade, and the sound of water running along the creek bed far below. LOVE IT!! Felt like I could walk for days, camping out night after night under the stars….can you make enough juice from cactus and dried yellow grasses to Juice Feast? Perhaps another time…..

Our first Juice Feasting/camping experience was a great success.

Thank you to all of you who left me lovely birthday notes, I appreciate you all!

This morning we got up, meditated, made juice, and then had a lovely chat with Nomi Shannon, who is running a 21 Day Spring Into Better Health event, and we were honored to help kick it off in a free webcast with Nomi, Kevin Gianni, and other guests. Nomi Shannon’s The Raw Gourmet was the first ever raw food recipe book I ever owned, and it was given to me by my mom for my 28th birthday. I can’t wait to dip into it again after this Juice Feast!! Oh the yam and apple stuffed mushrooms!........ENOUGH!! I should go have another juice!

Not much new to report in juice land. Oh, I guess I do have one thing. David has stepped up our juice making production another notch, cutting green juicing time in half! Just when we thought we couldn’t get any better at juicing! It has become a full on production line in the green juice making side of things and here is how:

First: wash every last piece of produce (we had been washing things as we needed them.)
Second: blend up two blenderfulls and pour them into a nut mylk bag and suspend, using the handles of your cupboards, over your juice bowel.
Third: blend two more blenderfulls and pour into a second nut mylk bag, suspend over the juice bowl. You will notice that quite a bit of juice has dripped out of the first nut mylk bag while you blended the second batch, leaving less for you to squeeze.
Fourth: Take the first nut mylk bag down from the cupboard handles and squeeze out all the juice. While you are doing this, the second bag will continue to drip juice.
Fifth: take the second bag down and squeeze. Now you should have 4-6 quarts of beautiful green juice!!

I think the reason it is so much faster is that you do not interrupt any one task to do another, you are not pausing in blending to wash more produce, or pausing in blending to squeeze, you just do each task on its own and it happens so quickly! And, gravity is doing some of the juicing for you while you leave your nut mylk bags suspended.

Perhaps this is how you have been doing it, and we are just slow pokes, but I think we have taken this long to get to this point in part because our kitchen is so small, making it hard to wash all the produce at once because there just isn’t much room for all that washed green matter in the sink or the counter. Now we realize the squish is worth the squeeze, if you know what I mean.

Yes, it was an exciting morning when David made all the green juice and had everything cleaned up in less than half an hour!!

It still takes us longer to do all the citrus, with all those peels to remove, but if we have a breakthrough there I will be sure to share it with you!!

See you tomorrow!!

With love and peaceful steps,

Katrina and David


Lisa, aka Pixywinks said...

Sounds like such a lovely trip. A great birthday indeed! Happy happy!

BrandieLand said...

Happy Birthday Katrina!!! Thanks for sharing so much of yourself in your blogs. I love to read them! Feel free to add my blog spot to your list if you would like.

Kyle Ellen Nuse said...

HAPPY DAY OF BIRTH lovely Katrina and Happy journey to rebirth. Oh, my your birthday camping trip sounded like a true connection with the divine. How I long to do that myself one day. It sure is good to know one can still do things like that when juicing. YOU LOOK STUNNING. Glow beyond glow, vibrant beyond vibrant and more alive than a new born baby. I am in such awe and totally in love!
Speaking of love, I just was gifted the most wonderful gift from my beloved...a brand spanking new 5200 vita mix! It is a regal red color and takes up half the space of my sweet, now semi-retired breville. Wanna come over for some belated raw icecream one the feast is over. You both are welcome to stay at our humble abode anytime!
Thank you also for your super sweet comment on my last post. Precious.
love love love and a pinch for an inch ;)

Ben Kaelan said...

Man it must be so awesome to live in the desert. :) Sigh. :) It was 23C yesterday so Ottawa is catching up, finally. There is STILL snow outside though given the record snowfall we had this year.

Happy Happy Happy Birthday! :) I'm happy you treated yourself with a happy birthday juice seeing as you couldn't have a raw-cake hehe. :)

*hugs* :)

- Ben

Tuliza said...

Happy Birthday!!! I apologize for being a day late. I am happy you had a wonderful time camping. How fun!!!

Michelle said...

What a glorious day and night you had. I am so happy for you. Your blog brings a smile to my face once again.

Happy birthday again.