Monday, April 14, 2008

Global Juice Feast Day 45!

I Love Walking!

Juice Feast Day 45

The Daily Juice Journal:

This morning I made four quarts of orange, and pineapple and two quarts of watermelon, lemon and blueberry, and one quart of grapefruit juice. I know! No green juice! But we had two quarts left from yesterday, and David is still not feeling like drinking GVJ juice today (?) so I made a lovely mass of fruity goodness.




David is again not feeling like drinking juice, and only fruit juice appeals to him. He is also making sure to drink lots of water




I know, I know, that is a lot of fruit juice, but I was REALLY ACTIVE (45 minute walk, 20 minute re-bound, 20 minutes weights, 20 minutes yoga) today, and the fruit juice was just fine for me and did not wig me out in any way.

Added to juices: Pure Synergy, bee pollen, and maca

Also taken: Vitalzym, Break Stone Tea, coconut oil, and water.

Your Questions:

I am still beginning my raw journey. It has taken 1 year 4 months from reading about it. Doing the research and slowly applying. I am 3 months mostly raw. I see juice feasting in my future. My question is I just started making 2-3 quarts of GVJ first thing in the morning. I notice the taste changes also the color by days end. Is this normal? How much nutrition am I losing? Peace and love...
- Jaye

We Say:

Great, great question, and one that David recently answered in an email. So, here it is!

Pressing Juice is the best method for preventing as much oxidation as possible. Blending and straining is going to create a similar oxidation process to using a centrifugal juicer.

That being said, we have designed the Juice Feasting Program so that it is accessible to the majority of the public who go to work every morning. We have checked our time making juices with a press-style juicer, and the time it takes from preparation to fully cleaned up on a gallon of juice is three times as long as making it with a blender and straining. If a student is making juices before work with a Green Star for both themselves and their spouse - that's two gallons + of juice. This is next to impossible without waking up at 4:30 am for most people.

So, in my 5 years of experience Juice Feasting and coaching Feasts, I have not experienced any loss of noticeable benefit in my clients cleansing and healing process using blended and strained juice made all at once first thing in the morning.

For serious health challenges such as MS and Cancer and the like, using a press-style juicer is highly advised.

You can also check out the Enzyme Retention Study I picked up from George Malkmus and Hallelujah Acres at the bottom of this linked page.

Personal Journal:

I went for a beautiful walk by myself this morning, just after sunrise. Here are some photos for your enjoyment:

Leaving the house.
Passing the pond.
Passing Native Seed Search, our neighborhood farm, with Red Mountain in the distance.

Passing under spring green Cottonwoods and blue, morning sky.
Looking up!
The Arollo where we walk beside the Cottonwoods. During the rainy season, these arollos will fill with raging rivers, flash floods that will keep people from getting home!!

Have a beautiful, juicy evening!

With love, light, and yummy zummy dreams!

Katrina and David

If you have attempted to fit whatever mold and failed to do so, you are probably lucky. You may be an exile of some sort, but you have sheltered your soul. There is an odd phenomenon that happens when one keeps trying to fit and fails. Even though the outcast is drive away, she is at the same time driven right into the arms of her psychic and true kin, whether these be a course of study, an art form, or an group of people. It is worse to stay where one does not belong at all than to wander about lost for awhile and looking for the psychic and soulful kinship one requires. It is never a mistake to search for what one requires. Never.

~ Clarissa Pinkola Estes


Courtney Pool said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE all your photos!!

MARYYX said...

Hi Katrina
Your photo shoot of your walk this morning really resonates with me. I am just so overwhelmed with the beauty of nature lately.

I know it has been there all along, but I am so much more intensely aware of it. I feel so connected to the plants and the wildlife.

Awesome quote.

Blessings to you and David

MARYYX said...

One more comment

My favorite photo is of the arrollo. That would make an awesome painting.