Saturday, April 5, 2008

Global Juice Feast Day 36!

I Love Maca!

Juice Feast Day 36

The Daily Juice Journal:

This morning we got up and made six quarts of GVJ with cucumber, celery, romaine, spinach, red leaf lettuce, green leaf lettuce, carrot, and yam. We also made three quarts of orange and pineapple, one quart of watermelon lemon, and two of grapefruit garlic. (Phew! I added a LOT of garlic to this baby! David says he has garlic coming out of his eyes! I liked it.)






Added to juices: MSM, bee pollen, Vitamineral Green, maca, Flax/DHA oil, hemp oil, spirulina, and Kelp Granules.

Also taken: Vitalzym, MSM, Break Stone Tea (AKA Chanca Piedra), and water.

Your Questions:

I have been concerned since the beginning of my juice feast about eliminations. I do not have them unless I do an enema. How many times can you enema safely? I have been doing organic coffee and I alternate with water about every 2-3 days. I wonder, has my body built up a dependency on enemas as it has done with laxatives? In the past, when I was much younger, I abused laxatives. I have stopped using laxative some years ago. Do you think that It could be constipation and that is why I am unable to do it on my own? I'm kind of afraid to start using laxatives again.


We Say:

Hello Tuliza!

Doing a Juice Feast is one of the best things you can do to get your digestive system running well again.

Doing daily enemas for your Juice Feast will not hurt you, and you can safely do a daily enema for the duration of your Feast. Once you begin eating solid foods again, you should find that things work very nicely, as long as you stick to fiber and water rich, raw foods and get exercise!

I doubt that you are constipated at this point in the Juice Feast. I too am not having very many spontaneous BMs, and have been using enemas almost daily. I have suffered from constipation in the past while eating cooked foods, or even over eating too many nuts on raw foods, but after my first ten day Juice Feast I found that this was no longer! My digestion has continued to get better and better as I go along with live foods, and so I am not worried about the fact that I am not having much come out while Juice Feasting! That isn’t to say that stuff isn’t coming out, cause it is! Just not with out an enema.
Again, don’t worry, once you add fiber back into your diet, things should be running like a sleek express train again.

There should be no need to use laxatives if you are doing enemas, unless you are experiencing detox symptoms such as headaches, nausea, etc.

Enjoy your juices!

Another Question:

So guess what?? I am back on the juice! Well, I have not being feeling good about the way in which I kind of haphazardly transitioned back into the solid food world and I want another chance to set things right. Nothing feels worse than having made it through the thick and thin of 30 days and then not stick the landing! So, I have decided to go back in time, juice for at least another three days to undo the past and then try again. Any suggestions other than the prunes to transition with. I can understand their function (all too well!) but they were too strong for me (gave me non-stop diarrhea and cramps) and also way too sweet (which I think totally through off my blood sugar and lead me to other bad choices). I had a little green energy soup which felt much better than the prunes, so I am wondering if that is an ok alternative in your expert opinions?
Practice makes perfect and in this case I think I need to get back on the juicing bandwagon and manifest a more graceful homecoming. Thank you for all your insights, love and support! xxkyle

We Say:

Hi Kyle!!

Great question! We would not advise you to break your Feast on energy soup due to the complexity of it (being made from a number of different ingredients including fats) Instead you could try a simple green smoothie, with greens and fruit. Please see the Juice Feast Breaking protocol for details.

OR you could try some juicy fruit, low glycemic fruits and berries. For those of you reading, this is not a common experience for people breaking the Feast on just one serving of soaked prunes the morning of their Feast Breaking! The important thing is to eat enough to prompt a bowel movement.

I think, as you have laid out in your blog, that is was due to other factors in your day such as being un-prepared, starting the day with a fruit juice, not drinking enough water, eating prunes twice during the day rather than once in the morning, and eating miso soup and flax crackers, that your system got thrown off. The fruit juices that you were drinking on your Feast would have been far higher in sugar than the prunes, and because the prunes have fiber the release of sugar would have been slower into your system.

What you are doing is wonderful. David has had students who have had the same experience as you and he will tell them to do exactly what you are doing. He once had a student eat pizza before properly breaking out of a 92 Day Juice Feast, and as you can imagine the poor guy felt beyond ill. So, he went and did 7 more days of Juice Feasting and then broke out of it properly. I guess he just needed first hand experience of what his new, clean body was capable of doing, such as violently rejecting a pizza, which is cause to celebrate! Remember to check out Day 83 on Juice for an excellent way to eat post-Feast!!

Congratulations on your Juice Feast and enjoy your second Feast Breaking!!

Personal Journal:

Happy Saturday!

We finally got around to introducing Break Stone Tea today, I am drinking a cup as I write. It is good! If you do not have access to the loose leaf tea, you can also get the tincture form of Chanca Piedra! I made a HUGE pot to last a few days since we have such a small kitchen and to use the stove for boiling and simmer tea means we have to give up the cutting board over the stove, which is a large part of our counter space. When my dad came to visit, he asked about the cutting board, “is that so you won’t be tempted to cook?” He is now a well practiced raw foodie, makes amazing dehydrated flax and seed crackers and green smoothies, and is on Day 36 of a Juice Feast!!

I have not yet added in coffee enemas, and am not sure I want to. I guess I should at least give it a try, but I have always been very sensitive to caffeine, and somehow putting coffee in my body ANYWHERE does not feel right just yet. I’ll let you know if I decide to add them in.

We went on a beautiful hike today up into the quiet hills of national parkland. It was so peaceful and quiet, not a sign of cars or humans, I felt like I was floating the whole time on a cloud of bliss.

Love to YOU!!!

Katrina and David Rainoshek


Ben Kaelan said...

Day 36! yay! I swear.. it feels like the global juice feast is going faster than mine hahaha. :)

Grapefruit garlic eh? I don't know if I could take that haha. I discovered grapefruit/blood orange/acai to be quite tasty lately.

Big hugs and happy juicy thoughts your way. :)

- Ben

MARYYX said...

I have switched to a Green Smoothie Feast until my new juicer gets here - a Samson (thank you for the info on this). Then I plan to start another juice feast. My chard, lettuce and clover in the garden is coming along nicely - and I am really looking forward to having such fresh greens to use in my juices.

I am posting this in response to the enema questions. The first day I did the Green Smoothies, after juice feasting, I was overwhelmed with all that came out of me - I mean WAY more than I was putting in.

I had not done any colonics during the juice feasting, and wondered if possibly this had something to do with what was happening. Wondering if maybe all that fiber (3 quarts of green smoothie) was just pushing out anything that had accumulated in my upper intestines during the feast.

Saturday I had 7 bowel movements - and the quantity was profuse. Then I had two more first thing this morning. The 2nd was 2 lbs.! I know that because I had weighed myself - and then had the urge to sit down again. Weighed myself again and the difference was 2 lbs.! So - a total of about 9 movements in the course of about 24 hours. Oh my goodness! WAY beyond the fiber put in from 3 smoothies.

Thought this experience might be of interest to the person wondering if the body would react normally after feasting.

Penni said...

I think it's time that I start upping my game a bit with things like the break stone tea....I sort of forgot that now that I am into the second month we start taking some new supplements/teas. I better get back to and make sure I am doing what is suggested for where I am on the feast. Sounds like you had a great day yesterday and I love it that your Dad is visiting!