Friday, April 11, 2008

Global Juice Feast Day 41!

I Love Orange Juice!! Cheers!!
Juice Feast Day 41

The Daily Juice Journal:

This morning we made 5 quarts of GVJ with the usual stuff (still no celery ☹) Then, we packed it all on ice in a cooler and headed out along the country road through the grassy, rolling hills and into the city of Tucson! While we were there we got 5 quarts of orange juice, what a treat to have juice made for us!

The girl who made our freshly squeezed orange juice. We brought our own jars!! She was very confused as to why someone would drink juice for 41 Days and longer, but she thought it was totally cool when we explained, and she lit up and wished us luck!!







Added to juices: Nothing today!

Also taken: Vitalzym, Break Stone Tea, and water.

Personal Journal:

We went into Tucson almost on a whim today. Around 6:30, after meditation, we decided it might be a good idea, and that we had enough to do to merit going in, so by 8:30 we had our GVJ made and we were on the road!

We started out the day in a café on 4th street, where David talked to all of his students over Skype and we had tea and I read. It was so lovely to be out and about, among the tribe of people, all colorful, eclectic, vibrant, and energetic. I am always struck by the energy of people when I have been hermited away for even a week. The city is full of people energy! It is strong!! It is bright, it is dark, it is reaching all kinds of different levels of all kinds of different developments. Fun fun fun. I have to admit, I really do love cafés. I have been known to work in a café or two (understatement) and I loved working in that people rich environment. Such a dense cross section of people from all different walks! From my sister Finnerty’s favorite song “Because it takes a world of differences to make a difference in our world!!” That’s it baby!

Morning Skype calls and tea at the Epic Cafe.
Tea with David, how could I not smile!!

From the hip little café, where the smells of muffins, cake, sandwiches, and coffee did naught to tempt these Feasters, we went off to do errands for the rest of the day. A truly peaceful day in the city, complete with bumping into old friends and a long visit to the second hand book store where I found several excellent books on medicinal herbs and David scored some Ken Wilber. We also stopped by our favorite Tucson grocery store and got more oranges, pineapple and CELERY!

We go home at 9:30, and went right to bed! So, I am writing this on Day 42.

Love to you all, now I am going to write about Day 42!

Katrina and David

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Lisa, aka Pixywinks said...

Oh man, Jamba Juice OJ is the absolute BOMB!!!! Juicy juicy love!
I miss David's curls, but I understand him wanting to cut his hair off. Sometimes I want to shave my head too. I would look really weird tho!
Pixy Lisa