Friday, April 4, 2008

Global Juice Feast Day 35!

I Love Fresh Young Coconuts!
Juice Feast Day 35

The Daily Juice Journal:

This morning I got up and made three quarts of GVJ with cucumber, celery, romaine, spinach, carrot, apple, and yam. I also made two quarts of orange and pineapple, and one of grapefruit garlic. David, who did feel so well yesterday afternoon or this morning felt it best to water fast for most of the day, until around 3 o’clock when he made himself some orange juice, and I had some too.







Added to juices: MSM, bee pollen, Vitamineral Green, maca, and Kelp Granules.

Also taken: Vitalzym, MSM, and water.

Personal Journal:

David for the first time in all of his Juice Feasts did not feel like drinking juice this morning. His stomach got really upset after an orange juice yesterday, and so he felt it would be best to try water fasting for most of the day. He feels much better now, and is wanting orange juice again and it has not made his stomach hurt. Hooray!! I think it may have been because he has been mixing his oil in with the fruit juice (which I tried once and it was not good according to my tastes) and so he is going to stop doing that and see how it works.

I am still feeling fantastic, exercise really is the GOLDEN KEY for me and I have been staying consistent with getting some in every day and working up a sweat. I know that I have felt better eating cooked vegan and exercising hard than I have at times eating raw and not exercising. Very, very important. Today I went for a 30 minute walk, did 15 minutes of rebounding, 20 minutes of dumbbells, and 10 minutes of stretching. Yum.

In juicy personal news, I have not been bloating since ceasing to EAT bee pollen and feel so much better over all. As I mentioned I was chewing on about 5 TBS a day, and now I am using only 1-2 TBS in my juices. So far I haven’t missed it, I think I just had to pass that threshold into Juicy Land where I wasn’t feeling the need to chew.

Happy Friday! I hope you all have a beautiful Friday evening!

With love,

Katrina and David


Lisa, aka Pixywinks said...

Happy Days!
I'm glad David is feeling better. I've had a few of those days myself. I was wondering about something today and thought I would ask you guys to see if you had any insights...
My memory is so terrible. I don't know if I'm just too distracted or if I may be deficient in a nutrient. This has been going on for quite a few years and doesn't seem to be getting any better. It's starting to annoy me that I can't seem to remember things.
Any suggestions?

Love your blog!
Pixy Lisa

Penni said...

Glad to hear David is doing better and that your bee pollen bloat is gone! I water fated for a whole day while you all were in LA...I just felt like I couldn't do juice that day. It's funny how our bodies tell us what to do when we listen. Anyway, the following morning I did a coffee enema and had what my colon hydrotherapist is pretty sure was a long parasite exit my system. Don't know if the water fasting/coffee enema loosened that bad boy up, but nonetheless, better out than in, right?!
Have a great Saturday!

Tuliza said...

I'm glad David feels better. I am so glad you mentioned short fasting. There have been times when I just could not drink all of my juice. I would force myself to drink it all and feel miserable. I have, on occasion, thought about a mini fast so that I could rest my tummy for a bit.

Tuliza said...

I have been also concerned since the beginning of my juice feast about eliminations. I do not have them unless I do an enema. How many times can you enema safely? I have been doing organic coffee and I alternate with water about every 2-3 days. I wonder, has my body built up a dependency on enemas as it has done with laxatives? In the past, when I was much younger, I abused laxatives. I have stopped using laxative some years ago. Do you think that It could be
constipation and that is why I am unable to do it on my own? I'm kind of afraid to start using laxatives again.

MARYYX said...

Hi Katrina
Just wanted to post and let you know I answered your "tag". Thanks